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I'm a good native Texan, and attended The University of Texas for my undergraduate degree. There, I fell in love with evolutionary psychology, thanks to classes with David Buss and discussions with one of his then grad students, Sarah Hill. I moved to study evolutionary psychology in Florida with Todd Shackelford, with whom I finished my Masters degree in psychology in 2005. For my Ph.D., I made the switch to anthropology to work with Elizabeth Cashdan at the University of Utah. After an initial 'culture shock,' I am now grateful to have at my disposal the tools, perspectives, and data of two disciplines. If different ideas and an open mind are the raw materials of creativity, I am glad that an interdisciplinary background has forced upon me both.

When I'm not working, I'm: running, going to shows (music as well as film), learning my way around the kitchen and backyard, creating things with textiles, and writing for fun. These days, I'm also taking in as much of Utah's natural beauty as I can--it's spectacular.
Top: Utah's campus in winter. Top right: My grandfather in TX has cows, but he's no pastoralist. Above: Bluebonnets, the state flower of TX (McKinney Falls State Park). Below: Bonneville salt flats, UT.