Coors Field

Coors Filed was built during a 6-year period of renovation amongst Denver's sports venues. It was the first baseball-only National League Park since Dodger Stadium was built in 1962. Coors Field was built with accessibility in mind. It is near Interstate 25, with direct access to both the 20th Street and Park Avenue exits. Light rail access is also provided via nearby Union Station.

Coors Field was originally planned to seat 43,800. However, after the Rockies drew almost 4.5 million people in their first season at Mile High Stadium (the most in baseball history) new seats were added to the right field upper deck.

The center field bleacher section at Coors Field is nicknamed "The Rockpile." During the 1993 and 1994 seasons when the team played at Mile High Stadium (which was used for both football and baseball) the Rockpile was located in the south stands. These seats were in the dead of center field, and very far away from home plate. The original price of these seats was only $1 each. The same design was incorporated into Coors Field, and the new Rockpile is also located in deep center field, in the upper seating.

During construction, workers discovered dinosaur fossils throughout the grounds. Because of these findings, "Jurassic Park" was one of the first names considered for the stadium. Instead, a dinosaur named Dinger was chosen as the Rockies' mascot.

Coors Field was the only major league park with an underground heating system until the construction of Target Field in Minnesota.

(source: Wikipedia)