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Dead lift

Common Faults

Lack of flexion in the knees

Forward head position

Loss of neutral spine

Straining the neck to see what the instructor is doing

Excessive Kyphosis

untempo - bouncing

Bar too far forward of the knees

Bar below target zone

Hyperextension of the knees at top of lift

Stance too wide.

Preparation phase

  1. Assume Set Position with slightly more knee flexion
  2. Elbows directed to the rear to stimulate the retractors to support the thoracic spine.

Execution phase

  1. Co-contract the lower back and abdomen to stabilize the lumbar spine.
  2. Keep the knees bent; approximately 20 degrees to further activate the hamstrings, quadriceps and gluteal muscles
  3. Head and neck are neutral and in line with the trunk.
  4. Tip at the hip to slide the bar down the femur/upper leg and stop on the knee cap
  5. Return to Set Position maintaining knee flexion.
  6. Avoid hyperextension of the knees at the top of the lift

Chest | Dead Row

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