COMM 4170-01 Applied Organizational Communication

Fall 2005 Exam Two



This is a take home examination.  Your answers need to be turned in by 5:00 p.m. Monday, December 12.  You may turn in your answers via one of two methods: 1) by e-mail (preferred) to – make sure, though, that you send a .doc (Word) or .rtf file (no WordPerfect files, please); or, 2) directly to the main office in LNCO 2400.  Remember: This is a take-home exam, but it is still just an exam, not a paper.  You should not spend much more time than you would in a normal 2-hour, in class exam (though a little extra time should be devoted to proofreading!!!)

Also remember that even though is not a paper, you need to cite sources when necessary. If you directly quote from the textbook or articles, you need to provide a source citation to give appropriate credit. Plagiarism still applies here, and ANY incident of plagiarism will automatically result in a failing grade on the exam, at a minimum. If you have any questions about whether or not your use of source material consititues plagiarism, please feel free to e-mail me the specific portion of your exam anwer in question.




Define and describe seven (7) of the following nine (9) terms or concepts.  Your short answers should not only provide a detailed description of the concept and identify key terms associated with the concept, but also illustrate the concept through the use of your own specific example(s).  Be as detailed as possible, both in your definitions of the concepts, and in your use of examples to illustrate those concepts.


Overt Resistance


Evaluative Feedback

Second-Order Change


Cultural Ethnocentrism

Conformity to Norms

Personal Conflict

Quality Circles




This essay will be based on the case study in Chapter 14 of KS-Z, “Engineering Difference.”  At the end of that case study, Kathleen, the director of the program, asks Vanessa, the organizational communication expert, to help Kathleen “find out how we can do the multidisciplinary part of our teams better.”  In this essay, you will attempt to answer Kathleen’s question, framing your answer as if you were providing preliminary feedback to Kathleen.  Specifically, your essay needs to accomplish four things (which suggests a nice four-point structure for your essay):