Individual Volunteer Assessment Essay


The first “phase” of the group project requires that every member of the course spend five (5) hours volunteering for the local non-profit organization that their group has selected.  Based on this volunteer work, you will write an individual essay on your experience.  The purpose of this assignment is twofold: 1) To provide you with an opportunity to view an organization through one of the four theoretical lenses we will be developing in the initial weeks of the semester; and 2) To engage in participant observation with an eye towards developing your group project.


Your volunteer work (and accompanying essay) needs to be completed by Monday, October 3  From this work, you will write a 4-6 page essay analyzing the organization you volunteered for from one of the four theoretical perspectives we will have explored: Classical/HR, Systems, Cultural, or Critical approaches.  This essay will be worth 10% of your total course grade and should include:


·        A description of the organization’s mission/purpose.

·        A description of the organization’s structure.

·        A brief account of your volunteer role within the organization.

·        An assessment of the communication practices you witnessed while working with the organization.  You will want to draw on what you learned in COMM 3170 for this discussion of communication practices.