LDS thought of the day, 3/24/2005

This morning, I would like to share with you my testimony about the Atonement and the Resurrection. Last night, my oldest son got mad at his youngest brother and told him that he hated him. I told Christopher when he said his prayers that would do well to ask forgiveness from his Father in Heaven for that action. He inquired of me if when he asked to be forgiven if he was not also committing not to be angry at his brother again. I told him that yes, when we repent, we should not repeat the action.

He said he was not sure if he could commit to that, since he was sure to be angry with him again at one point, so I told him that intention is the thing to remember. Of course we are all going to make mistakes, but we need to resolve to do better, repenting every time we err.

I am thankful for Jesus, especially for his sacrifice which allows me to repent every time I fall. I know He lives. He loves each of us enough that He suffered all things for us, and I know as well that when all that was done, He was resurrected and lives today. And the intent of all of this was so that we too may become exactly like our Father in Heaven.