Logic Symbol Graphics

When dealing with logic on the web, one sometimes needs to use logic symbols either not availiable in unicode, or not availiable to all web browsers.

One solution to this problem is to use graphics for the symbols.

I am prone to want to use a set due to Ira Carmel and Peter Suber, and documented on Mr. Suber's Logic Notation on the Web page where he freely offers the use to anyone.

I thank them.

I've copied the symbols here so that they are on the same server(s) as my pages. I've also added the HTML 4.0 "WIDTH" and "HEIGHT" tags to force faster page layout, and "ALT" tags to give people using screen readers a chance...

Symbol Graphics themselves

Note that these symbols are designed for 12 point fonts, and may come out strange on other fonts.

This page is http://www.cc.utah.edu/~nahaj/logic/symbols
This page was last modified on March 16th, 1999.