von Wright's 1951 Deontic Logic System.

[Hilpinen, 1981, pages 8-12]


This system was published by Georg Henrik von Wright in 1951 in a paper called "Deontic Logic" that appeared in "Mind".

This system uses a modality "O", where Op is taken as meaning p is Obligitory.

This system uses a modality "P", where Pq is taken as meaning q is Permissible.

He later published his Dyadic 1956 system partly to overcome the weaknesses of this system.

He also published a Dyadic System in 1964

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  • Deontic ("Standard")
  • Deontic (von Wright, 1956)
  • Deontic (von Wright, 1965)
  • Deontik (Mally)

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