System S4.3.1


This system is D (Prior) not to be confused with D (Lemmon and Scott) (that is K + D) [Zeman, 1973, p245]


This is often a temporal system. It assume descrete time. [Zeman, 1973, p245]

There are structural similarities between S4.3.1 and the LC logic system, in the same sense that S4 and Intuitionist PC are similar.

Based on

The system S4.3.1 is S4.3 + the axiom N1 [L(L(p>Lp)>p)>(MLp>p)] [Hughes and Cresswell, 1996, p180]

The system K3.1 is S4.3.1 + MS [LMp=>MLp] [Zeman, 1973, p277] [Hughes and Cresswell, 1996, p362]

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