System L (Emch)


This system appeared in Volume 1, number 1 of the Journal of Symbolic Logic, a claim to odd fame.

I can't actually find that Emch explicitly named this system in that paper. But all the definitions are Lxx and the axioms Ly, so "L" seems logical. And at least one later paper [Lewis, 1936, p77] distinguished "Emch's L" from "Lewis' S", and Emch called it "L" in a number of other papers including [Emch, 1937, p78]

Based on

The system L has a lot of symbols I can't accurately represent on the web pages at the moment. In addition he uses concatenation for "and". So... I'm going to transliterate as follows: I'm using:

The system L (Emch) is:

[Emch, 1936, p32]

With corrections from: [Emch, 1936a, p58]

Basis for

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