System Kt (K sub t)


This system is E.J. Lemon's Kt system.

It was designed to be a minimal tense logic.

The terms are

Based on

With G and H undefined it is:

[Prior, 1967, p176]


With F and P undefined.

[Prior, 1967, p176]

Basis for

Kt plus the definition [ La == a & Ga ] Gives von Wright's system M. [Rescher and Urquhart, 1971, p126] (Which is T (Feys) [Hughes and Cresswell, 1968, p125]

Kt plus the definition [ La == a & Ga & Ha ] gives system B (The Brouwerian system) [Rescher and Urquhart, 1971, p127]

Kb is formed by Kt plus the axioms:

[Rescher and Urquhart, 1971, p76]

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