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This system was on these pages for years as the "Marked system", because I knew of nobody bothering to investigate such a degenerate system. Well, Lemmon and Scott's famous "Lemmon notes" did, and now that I've stumbled over them, the system is more interesting than I would have expected.

The marked system has the axiom F: Lp == Mp. It is not quite the trivial system, but it is close.

It does sometime show up without a name in exercises in text books.

There are actually a family of degenerate systems with the Lx==Mx axiom... but since I can't think of any reason anyone would be interested in any of them, they are all just lumped together here.

This specific system is characterized by a two-world frame in which the designated world can see only the other world, not itself. [Pledger, 2001a]

Theoremhood in KF is equivalent in all K whose accessiblity relation (R) is serial and in addition satisfies the condition
(∀ u, t, t')(uRt & uRt' > (t = t'))
Each world u leads to a unique world t. [Lemmon and Scott, 1977, p60]

Based on

The system can be formed from the system K plus the axiom F: (Lp == Mp) [Lemmon and Scott, 1977, p60]

Basis for

The trivial system, by adding any of the following:

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