System K2 (Sobociński)

[Hughes and Cresswell, 1996]

[Zeman, 1973]

[Sobociński, 1964]

[Sobociński, 1964a]


Sobociński's K2

K2 is Ken Pledger's system 3q, and has distinct affirmative modalities as follows:

p        implied by Lp, p implies Mp

Lp       implies implies p, LMp,MLp
Mp       is implied by   p, MLp,LMp

LMp  is implied by Lp, LMp implies Mp
MLp  is implied by Mp, MLp implies Mp

[Pledger, 1972, p270] But that table contains a typgraphical error on this system. The above has been corrected per [Pledger, 2000]

Based on

The system K2 is the result of system S4.2 + MS [LMp=>MLp] [Zeman, 1973, p277] [Hughes and Cresswell, 1996, p362]

The system K2 (3q) is the system S3 plus any of the following:

{ MLLMp, MLMp, MLMMp, MMLMp } => { LLMLp, LMLLp, LMLp, LMMLp }

[Pledger, 1972, p275]

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