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This page is the actual full page of serious references. If you are looking for just a few systems but lots of flashy diagrams, you want http://www.cc.utah.edu/~nahaj/logic/structures/ which also gives an explaination of notations used and other housekeeping information.

This started as a list of Modal Logic systems I encountered. In the end it is a list of mostly modal logic systems. (But even at that, the list has grown LARGE.) Dr. Peter Suber has a list of the types of logics that covers the various types. It provides a bibliography of the various kinds of logics for a much wider class of logics than I cover, but no cross references of alternate names, and few individual representitives.

This list documents the fact that many systems have been investigated under different names, and that some names have historically been applied to several different systems. I'm not aware of any other such cross reference on the net (or anywhere else). If you are aware of such a reference, please drop me a line.

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Community Requests

Large numbers of researchers have "pet problems" about some particular system they are working on. These include those looking for decision procedures (or proof there isn't one), completeness (or proof it isn't complete), etc. I've added a "Community Requests" section to some pages where specific questions about the system and who's looking for an answer.

If you are a researcher, and you want such a note added for a system you are working on, please contact John.Halleck@utah.edu .

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