Pledger's S3 extension 6p

[Pledger, 1972]


This system has 6 distinct proper affirmative modalities (plus the improper modality p) and is in neither K2 nor S5 [Pledger, 1972, p270-271]

The distinct affirmative modalities of the syatem are:

p    implied by Lp       it implies Mp

Lp   implied by LLp      it implies p, LMp
Mp   it implies MMp      implied by p, MLp

LLp                      it implies Lp, LMp
MMp                      implied by Mp, MLp

LMp  implied by Lp, LLp  it implies MLp
MLp  it implies Mp, MMp  implied by LMp

[Pledger, 1972, p270-271]

Based on

The system 6p is: the system S3 plus the following sets:

{ LLMp => p, LMMp => Mp } or the dual
{ p => MMLp, Lp => MLLp }

[Pledger, 1972, p275]

Basis for

6pa is 6p + MMp

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