Logic System Interrelationship Updates (2000)

20000831 August 31st, 2000Finished added the irregular systems of Pledger's., Added GL proof logic (But it was later noticed it was really KW Added KH

20000710 July 10th, 2000Finished adding all the regular extensions of S3 from for Pledger's paper.

20000601 June 1st, 2000 Added the systems from [Pledger, 1972] to the index. (Whew!), now I need to write the pages for them.

20000531 May 31st, 2000 Since the axioms HCM and MS in my pages were identical, I changed all HCM's to MS's, and fixed appropriate references.

20000522 May 21st, 2000Added Several Deontic logics., Numerious corrections, References on uncredited facts added to many systems. Page references added to several credited facts. Minor changes in style. Some regularization of notation.

200011 January 1st, 2000 Rolled over change log to a new year.

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