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If you were pointed at my pages it is likely that you are looking for one of the following:

You might also have an interest in the other Links that I find interesting. (Such as the Utah Logic Group pages)

A rather sketchy list of what's here:

Contact Information for unofficial use

Phone: 801.733.7105

U.S. mail:

John B. Halleck
Post Office Box 58488
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84158-0488

I maintain a Facebook page Fat, ugly, and old man (with FaceBook logo) , which might be useful to those already on facebook that know me.

I have an page

Standards and Accessibility information

I like my pages to conform to standards, and to be handicap accessible. I usually check all publicly accessible pages, but I normally don't bother to put the "verified" icon's on all my pages, and it is always possible I've forgotten to check some pages.

Here are some of the organizations who's verifiers my public pages have often been run through, and that I recomend.


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No dolphins, frogs, whales, or undergraduate students were killed, harmed, or morally corrupted in the making of these pages.

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