survey3d.h: (Matching .c file)

/* survey3d.h - Standard three dimensional survey information.
 * © Copyright 1999 by John Halleck
 *     All Rights Reserved.
/* Version of September 2nd, 1999 */

#ifndef SURVEY3D
#define SURVEY3D 1

#include "errors.h"
  /* These routines use package standard error codes. */

typedef double coordinate[3];
  /* Three dimensional coordinate, or change in coordinate. */

typedef double covariance[6]; /* Really storage for half of the symmetric
                               * 3x3 matrix. 
/* Full three dimensional covariance matrix */

typedef double weight[6]; /* Also half a 3x3 symmetric matrix */
  /* Full three dimensional weight */

#define X(mat)  mat[0]
#define XY(mat) mat[1]
#define XZ(mat) mat[2]
#define Y(mat)  mat[3]
#define YZ(mat) mat[4]
#define Z(mat)  mat[5]

/* Load up matrices */
extern error loadcvr  (covariance result, double a11, double a12, double a13,
                                                      double a22, double a23,
                                                                  double a33);
extern error loadwht  (covariance result, double a11, double a12, double a13,
                                                      double a22, double a23,
                                                                  double a33);

/* Convert to regular matrixes. */
/* Matrix from weight */
extern error matfmwht (double result[3][3], weight given);
/* Matrix from covariance */
extern error matfmcvr (double result[3][3], covariance given);

/* identities */
extern error zerocoord (coordinate result); /* additive identity */
extern error cvrident  (covariance result); /* multiplicitive identity */
extern error whtident  (weight     result); /* multiplicitive identity */

/* Add the basic entities  */
extern error addcoord (coordinate result, coordinate a, coordinate b);
extern error subcoord (coordinate result, coordinate a, coordinate b);
extern error addcvr   (covariance result, covariance a, covariance b);
extern error addwht   (weight     result, weight     a, weight     b);

/* Multiply coordinate by weight */
extern error wxcmult (coordinate result, weight     a, coordinate b);

/* inverses of the weights and covariances */
/* The two matrices MUST BE DISTINCT matrices. */
extern error cvrinv (covariance result, covariance given);
extern error whtinv (weight     result, weight     given);

/* convert between weights and covariances */
extern error wht2cvr (covariance result, weight     given);
extern error cvr2wht (weight     result, covariance given);

/* Scale weight or covariance (used for setting unit weight and covariance) */
extern error sclcvr (covariance result, covariance given, double reference);
extern error sclwht (weight     result, weight     given, double reference);

/* Magnitude (Determinant) of the matrices */
extern error detcvr (double *result, covariance given);
extern error detwht (double *result, weight     given);

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