line.h: (Matching .c file)

/* line.h - Line drawing.
 * © Copyright 1999 John Halleck
 * All rights reserved
/* Version of September 2nd, 1999 */

#ifndef LINE
#define LINE 1

 * Draw a line between (IX1,IY1) and (IX2,IY2)
 * (Either point by point, or anti-aliased)
 * These routines draw optimal lines, in the sense that for the
 * given line there is no representation of points any better than
 * the one they use.
 * In addition, they have the property that there is no other representation
 * for the lines that varies density any less (as the line sweeps in a
 * circle) than the one used.
 * There are also other properties that the lines optimize, see the code
 * for details.

#include "errors.h"
 /* We return the package standard error codes. */

/* These routines return NoError if they worked, and an error code otherwise. */

/* Draw a line on a grid. */
extern error line (int x1, int y1,  int x2, int y2);
   /* calls   extern error drawpoint (x, y) */

/* Draw an antialiased line on a grid. */
extern error sline (int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2);
   /* calls   extern error drawspoint (x, y, dark)    */
   /* dark is 1.0 for line colour, 0.0 for background */


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