John Halleck's Cave Survey Code in C:

Recent Changes

*** NOTE *** The code library is NOT ready for real use. Don't try to write anything with it until it is fully ready. It is only visible now so that bugs and problems can be noticed by the people reviewing it.

20020814 (August 14th, 2002)

Copied over GNU style package version from the real site. Updated links

20000511 (May 11th, 2000)

Made Demo2, network adjustment given covariances. Started, but didn't finish, analysis code for the results. Minor bug fixes.

19991023 (October 23rd, 1999)

Moved development elsewhere, with snapshots copied back to here.

19991005 (October 6th, 1999)

Converted from raw code to pretty printed HTML to show individual pages.

19991004 (October 4th, 1999)

Split the code directory up by language. This is the C language directory.

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