Survey (Cave Survey Code in Ada):


--  © Copyright 1999 by John Halleck
--     All Rights Reserved.

--  This is the collection of data type definitions used by various packages
--  that support cave surveying.

package Survey is

   pragma Pure (Survey);

   --  Just to keep from unit of measurement problems.
   type Length     is new Float;
   function "*" (Left, Right : Length)     return Length     is abstract;

   type Angle      is new Float;
   function "*" (Left, Right : Angle)      return Angle      is abstract;

   type Variance   is new Float;
   function "*" (Left, Right : Variance)   return Variance   is abstract;

   type Weighting  is new Float;
   function "*" (Left, Right : Weighting)  return Weighting  is abstract;

   --  Specific to the matrix adjustment problem.

   type Location   is private;
   function "*" (Left, Right : Location)   return Location   is abstract;

   type Covariance is private;
   function "*" (Left, Right : Covariance) return Covariance is abstract;

   type Weight     is private;
   function "*" (Left, Right : Weight)     return Weight     is abstract;


   type Coordinate is (X, Y, Z);
   type Packed_Subscript is (XX, YX, ZX, YY, YZ, ZZ);

   type Location   is array (Coordinate)       of Length;
   type Covariance is array (Packed_Subscript) of Variance;
   type Weight     is array (Packed_Subscript) of Weighting;

end Survey;

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