Cave Survey Bibliography

Every once in a while, someone that has just heard or read one of my "Cave surveyors should read Survey literature" diatribes comes by and ask me where they can read more.

Here is a somewhat dated list. (I'll update it as I have time.)

General Surveying

What is your local survey course using this year? They probably have a good reason for using their text, you might ask them. The text popular here is: [Moffitt and Bouchard, 1975]

by Francis H. Moffitt and Harry Bouchard
1975 Harper and Row

I also like: [partly because I like Mikhail's writing]

[Anderson and Mikhail, 1998]

"Surveying, Theory and Practice", Seventh Edition
by James M. Anderson and Edward M. Mikhail.
1998 McGraw-Hill

Survey Analysis and Adjustment

[Mikhail and Gracie, 1981]

This is an intermediate book

"Analysis and Adjustment of Survey Measurements"
by Edward M. Mikhail, Ph. D., and Gordon Gracie, Ph. D.
Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1981

[Wolf and Ghilani, 1997]

A general introduction to surveying. A broad but complete overview.

This book is intermediate to advanced

Adjustment Computations, Statistics and Least Squares in Surveying and GIS
by Paul R. Wolf and Charles D. Ghilani.
1997, Wiley

[Mikhail 1976]

This is an advanced book.

"Observations and Least Squares"
by Edward M. Mikhail
University Press of America, 1976

The raw mathematics

[Lawson and Hanson, 1974]

This is a practical book, giving many of the numerical considerations in practical solutions.

This book covers many practical aspects

"Solving Least Squares Problems"
by Lawson, Charles, and Hanson, Richard
1974 Prentice Hall

Dealing with Matrices

[Horn and Johnson, 1985]


"Matrix Analysis"
by Horn and Johnson
Cambridge Press, 1985

[Golub and Van Loan, 1989]

"Matrix Computations"
by Golub, Gene H. and Van Loan, Charles F.
Matrix Computations
1989 The Johns Hopkins University Press

A mathematical look at matrix computations, including inverses. A must for anybody handling large matrix problems on a computer.

[George and Liu]

"Computer Solution of Large Sparse Positive Definite Systems"
 Alan George and Joseph W-H Liu.
1981 Prentice Hall, Inc.

The definitive book in the field. Survey adjustment problems just happen to be Large, Sparse, and Positive Definite. And I really hope people are using computers to solve them.

This book has explicit ForTran code for each of the methods discussed.


"Matrix Theory; Basic Results and Techniques"
by Fuzhen Zhang
1999 Springer Verlang

Good introduction for those with a high math tolerance.

Numerical Implementation Issues

[Ralston, 1978]

"First Course in Numerical Analysis"
By Anthony A Ralston
1978 McGraw Hill

Error analysis of computations. Good explanation of round off error and related issues.

[Schreiber and Parlett, 1988]

"Block Reflectors: Theory and Computation"
by Robert S. Schreiber and Beresford N. Parlett
in the SIAM journal of Numerical Analysis
Volume 25, Number 1, 1988.

Dealing with cave Geometry

[Preparata and Shamos]

"Computational Geometry"
by Franco P. Preparata and Michael Ian Shamos
1985 Springer-Veralg

Introduction to handling geometry on the computer. How to handle many standard problems that come up when manipulating survey data.


[Knuth, 1968]

"The Art of Computer Programming" Volume 1
by Donald E. Knuth
1968 Addison Wesley

Graphs, Trees, and other useful data structures for dealing with surveys. With assembly language style code for those that want "cookbook" answers.

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