John Halleck's Implementation of the OBSOLETE SHA-0 standard:

John Halleck's OBSOLETE SHA-0 implemented in Ada

SHA-0 was NSA's original Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA). Secure Hash Standard (SHS). (: And if you don't know what NSA is you are behind the times in cryptography. :)

SHA-0 was defined in FIPS PUB 180, 11 May 1993, it was replaced by SHA-1 is defined in FIPS PUB 180-1, 17 Apr 1995.

SHA produces a unique message digest given a stream of bits. The standard is actually defined in terms of bits, but most implementations only handle a stream of bytes. This implementation will take data in as either bits, bytes (8 bits), words (16 bits) or long words (32 bits) at a time. (I know that this may not agree with the underlying sizes on your machine, but I had to call it something.)

SHA Definition of a message Digest.

There is also a Unix Tar file of this code, and compressed version.

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