Nist_support ( (Body)

--  © Copyright 2000 by John Halleck, All rights reserved.
--  Basic support routines needed to allow SHA and DSA routines to run
--  through the NIST tests.
--  It is part of a project at

--  The NIST tests are documented at their web site:
--  as are the format of the objects that this package handles.

with Ada.Text_IO;  use Ada.Text_IO;
--  Basicly all the support routines needed are to read and write
--  the files that NIST provides, and requires in responce.

with SHA; use SHA;                 -- We'll need to use digests.
with SHA.Strings; use SHA.Strings; -- And what they looks like in Hex.

package NIST_Support is

   NIST_File_Format_Error   : exception;
   NIST_Number_Format_Error : exception;
   NIST_Test_Failed_Error   : exception;

   procedure Copy_Comments (Source, Destination : File_Type);
   --  Copy a block of comments from one file to another.

   procedure Get_String (File : File_Type;
                        Given : String; -- what to searh for.
                       Reason : String); -- Why we are searching for it.
   --  Look for a header string.

   procedure Add_Bit_String_To_Hash (File : File_Type);
   --  Add a bit string onto a the hash.

   function Hash_Bit_String (File : File_Type) return Digest;
   --  Digest next Bit String;

   function Find_Next_Bit_String (File : File_Type) return Boolean;
   --  (If there is one)

   function Find_Hash (File : File_Type) return Boolean;
   --  (If there is one.)

   procedure Compare_Hash (File : File_Type; Hash : Hex_SHA_String);
   --  Compare hash with the one in the file;

end NIST_Support;

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