DIY Speakerbuilding: An Introduction



Even though I would assume that if you're already here, you've made up your mind to build your own loudspeakers, there's still that handful of skeptics out there who question, "Why would I even want to build my own speakers?"

Although there's an endless slough of reasons to do any sort of DIY project, here is a very brief list of some points you may be interested to hear:


Audio Fidelity

Even though your home-theater-in-a-box came with a pair of speakers, I can almost guarantee to you that they range from low- to mid-fi in quality. Typical store-bought speakers (especially the cheapies) tend to have a quiet, distorted high end, blaring midrange, and sloppy, insufficient bass. The fact of the matter is that the manfacturers tend to focus more on minimizing their production costs (and maximizing their profits) than producing high-quality products. This brings us to our next point:



The companies that do manufacture decent-quality loudspeakers tend to charge an arm and a leg for their products. With a little bit a little bit of research, some dedication, and a handful of woodworking tools, you can easily produce some beauties that compete with commercial speakers at substantially less than 1/3 of the cost!



We all know that the reason to do any DIY project is to bask in the glory of your own hard work. Here you can build, customize, tweak, and tailor your own beauties to fit your room acoustics and decor perfectly! How great is that? Besides, what better project is there to boast to all your poker buddies than your own hi-fi, homemade loudspeakers?



Adam Noshiravan | Writing 3400
Pictures Courtesy of Parts Express and Zach England

Last Update: July 2003